Was born on 1968, Sochi /RF/.
Studied in secondary school after Chekhov.
Graduated the piano department of Sayat-Nova music school.
In 1985 got accepted to the "Dental" faculty of State Medical Institute.
From 1986-88 served in the army.
In 1992 graduated from the Medical Institute.
From 1988 played in some performances, is one of the founders of "Metro" theater.
From 1992 is a solo in Song State Theater.
From 1998 is a solo singer.
From 1990 works as humorous programs author, humorist-actor, professional showman.
In 2000 started working in USA as an actor, humorist and singer, as a presenter of different television shows.

Garik Papoyan

Host, Actor, Musician
He was born on the 20th of September, 1984 in Gyumri.
In 2001 he left school N196
In 2010 he graduated form Armenian Russian Slavonic University, the faculty of tourism and advertising.
In 2007-2010 was a member of “32 atam” humoristic project as a screenwriter and actor
In 2009-2010 was the co-author and host of an improvisation show program called “3 pat” which was broadcast on Armenia TV
In 2009-2010 was the author an the host of musical program called “Alo Garik” on Dar 21 TV
In 2010 was filmed in “Mer Baky” humorous TV series
Since 2010 he works at “Vitamin” production center, where he has been an actor, host and screenwriter up to 2015. He also was the author,
host and co-screenwriter of “Harc chka” show program, jury member of “X-Factor”, musical producer and jury member of “Pop Idol”.
In 2009 he launched his first CD called “Inquam”
In 2011 he created “Rock Generation” movement-ideology
He is the author of many songs, instrumentation and words of songs, as well as “Vitamin club” show program’s song.
In 2012 he was the jury member at “Kankhik humor” TV program at Shant TV
In 2013  he wrote the music of the soundtrack for Russian film “Chto tvoryt mujchini”
In 2014 his song “Not alone,” performed by Aram MP3, was presented at Eurovision song contest and won the 4th place.
He was filmed in the films “Super Mama” (2014) and “Siro Gorcakic” (2015)
Now together with Robert Martirosyan he hosts humoristic show called “Kaskatseli Yereko”
Shushanik Arevshatyan

Founder of “Radio Van” and the director of “Ruskoye Radio” 
Candidate of Philology, graduate of Faculty of Philology of Yerevan State University, 
PhD of Russian Language Institute after AS Pushkin (Moscow), has an MBA degree (Moscow Business School), numerous musical projects
(Golden Harp, VMA) jury member of numerous music competitions.
Gisane Palyan

Gisane was born in December 12, 1973 in Yerevan.
From 1980 till 1988 years studied in school N30 after Chkolov.
From 1988 till 1992 years studied and graduated with honor from collage after R. Melikyan, faculty of piano. 
From 1992 till 1997 years studied and graduated from Yerevan State Conservatory after Komitas, faculty of piano.
From 1992 till 1995 years studied modern and academic vocal in the class of professor E. Vardanyan and R. Hakobyan, also as a conductor.  
In 1999 y, joint EMPYRAY Rock band, as a composer and author of words. Many songs written for the band won several awards.
She is an author of many well-known songs and soundtracks. Creates songs for local and foreign singers until now.
Worked on Shant TV "Superstar", "X-Factor", "Duet", 
"Premiere" projects a musical producer.
Arsen Safaryan

Born in 1977 April 12 in Tsmakahogh village, region Martakert. 
1980 y. moved to city Hrazdan with his family. 
At the age of 16 started to play guitar and perform different genres of songs with the help of his brother Arthur Safaryan.
In 1995 was a lead singer in “Amadeus” musical center after Conservatory.
In 1996 took part in “Ayo” contest in State Song Theatre.
Till 2000 y was both studying and working in State Song Theatre, then started to work individually. 
In 2003 y prepared his first CD: “Ekar, antsar” 
In 2006 February 10 was ready the second CD: “Kyanqic aveli”. 
In 2006 April 3 and 4 Arsen performed his first live solo show concert in Armenian National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after Alexander Spendiaryan. 
In 2006 during the celebration of 15 years of freedom of Nagorno Karabakh Republic in cooperation with Nagorno Karabakh Republic government were
organized singer’s solo concerts in the whole Republic territory.
From 2002 y Arsen Safaryan had solo concerts both in Armenia and abroad.
In autumn of 2006 y was ready the first solo concert “Aysor, aystegh” in DVD version. 
In 2013 y was ready “Siro aghotq” CD. 
In 2013 took place serial solo concert of the singer in Yerevan sport complex concert hall, which was accompanied by a live band and nice dance show.  
After the solo concert in 2013, Arsen Safaryan performed in USA, Belgium, Russian Federation and Iran. 
Several years he was recognized as the best singer, won different awards, his songs won different competitions, and he has had numerous charity concerts,
also local and foreign concert tours.